My Review Of Unique Ford:
Great sales experience with Unique Ford, even though I conducted much of my interaction with the dealership via the phone. They were honest, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about the Ford product line. I wholeheartedly recommend potential Ford customers in the Manchester area seek them out as my experience was incredibly positive. On all levels --- customer service, competitive pricing, responsiveness, etc. --- they are excellent!!  Mark

My Review Of Unique Ford:
Inquired online about a Taurus SHO they had on the lot. Heather promptly emailed me back asking for more information so I returned it back. She gave me an e price that seemed great. I scheduled to come see and test drive the car. I get there and was directed to the salesman Jesse. He was nice, prompt and got me on the road for the test drive. I liked the car and here came the pricing. I learned that Heather quoted me a great deal, they showed me all the paperwork and clearly explained all the discounts to me. If you're looking for what may be the best deals around on a new Ford, this is the place. No pressure, upfront pricing and a reasonably relaxed environment. I will be returning for another purchase and would comfortably recommend family and friends to try this place out for their next purchase Would recommend Jesse for your salesman, returns calls, no pressure and was very helpful. Glenn in the finance department was good, no pressure, clear on all the services they offered and was upfront about rates and financing. Thank you again in what I consider to be the best car buying experience I have ever had and I have bought quite a few fords in the last 10 years.
My Review Of Unique Ford:
When I first walked into Unique, I was going to lease a new vehicle... however, I looked at a Jeep (2005) instead and fell in love with it instantly. What really helped was the knowledge Jeremiah has with not only Fords but Jeeps as well and he showed me many things I would never have known to look for. On the day of delivery, the Jeep needed aftermarket parts to pass inspection and the team at Unique came through with flying colors which allowed me to drive my new vehicle off the lot as anticipated! Thank you Unique... I love my Jeep!

Went in recently with my wife while car shopping. Although we didn't end up purchasing a vehicle from this particular dealership (my wife opted for a Honda), I was very impressed with how friendly the dealership was as a whole. If you are in the market for a Ford, and looking for a no pressure, no bs dealership, then this is the place to go. My experience here was light years better than it was at the Ford dealership we visited in Manchester. Highly recommend this place, you can tell they care about the customer.

My husband and I were looking for a used vehicle that would be more fuel efficient!  We found a really nice looking Prius on the Unique Ford website and thought we should go and check it out.  We contacted Heather Templehof first since she was listed on the website and found her to be very helpful and courteous!  We were able to drop right in and check out the car.  We had NO intentions of purchasing a vehicle that day and were very clear on that.  After driving the Prius, we found the car to be so comfortable and well suited to our needs we sat to talk with a sales guy named Bill Kestner (who also took us to test drive the car).  Still not quite wanting to purchase the car on the spot.... but we  did discuss prices and had our current car checked over.  The manager, Joe Martin, was friendly and professional.  We spoke honestly and open about our trade and about the pricing on the Prius and neither he nor Bill were afraid to answer our questions.  We felt comfortable with them, but still weren't ready to purchase.  We found everybody very supportive or our desire to think about the vehicle and we headed out.  While driving, back in our own vehicle, we actually quickly decided to purchase the Prius.  This decision was absolutely made not only because of the vehicle but moreover the staff.  We really felt that the staff had our best interests in mind, and we knew we had made an excellent deal.  Huge thank you to Unique Ford and their staff for saving us a ton of money on gas, and giving us the confidence to call their dealership 'home'.

Great, friendly, low-pressure dealership.  They made the process of buying my new truck an absolute breeze.  Every single person I interacted with was friendly and they did not force me to engage in the usual car-buying haggling that most dealerships do.  

When it came time to pick up my new truck it was ready, shiny, and perfect with a full tank of gas.  

I just purchased an F250 from unique ford, and It was a great experience.  I have bought many vehicles and my salesman was a good guy.  Another guy posted a 2 star for the dealership but when the salesman gets up and talks to his manager, thats the business we all know that, like it or not.  However, they located my truck and installed a plow the next day!  No messing around and the deal was better than anyone from autofair to dealers down in mass.  My truck is sweet, my time at the dealership was fun. We did business quickly and I'm on the road making money in my new truck.  Thank you, Unique ford, you were great!!

P.s.  I love the popcorn machine!!

I went there on a friend's recommendation and I would pass along that rec to anyone else!
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